Join THE FOXTROTTERS for our FAREWELL DANCE on Friday, June 22nd!!

The Foxtrotters Dance Club will NOW open its doors at the East Cobb Senior Center at 7:00 pm for our FAREWELL DANCE.  Music will be played from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.  Admission is $15.00 per person at the door.

The FOXTROTTERS Ballroom dances must close their doors in June.  After 21 wonderful years of ballroom dancing to great live music, delicious refreshments, and socializing with warm, friendly people, we must end our legacy of being the best social event in East Cobb.

Please join us for our Farewell Dance on Friday, June 22nd in the ballroom at the East Cobb Senior Center.  To make the evening even more special, we will provide a buffet dinner for everyone attending at no additional cost, provided you make a reservation for the dinner/dance no later than June 4th.  Send an email to and make your reservation early.  We must commit 65 attendees to the caterer in order to provide the dinner by June 4th.  So, don’t delay.  Make your reservations early!!

The Foxtrotters are on Facebook!  Log on to your own Facebook page, and search for “Foxtrotters Dance Club.”  Or, click on to reach The Foxtrotters Facebook Home Page.