Our Dances – 2013


We all celebrated Santa’s arrival in style at our December “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” dance.

December Dance-15

The Continentals “swung” us into the holidays with some wonderfully snazzy tunes.

December Dance-1

Mr. & Mrs. Claus took time from their busy schedule to pose for photos with our Foxtrotter dancers.

December Dance-11

Our Christmas dance floor was crowded with lovers of ballroom dancing.

December Dance-17

Co-Presidents Barbara and Jack told their Christmas wishes to Santa and Mrs. Claus.

December Dance-5

Our Foxtrotters‘ circled the dance floor to some snappy holiday tunes.

December Dance-10

Foxtrotter dancers love to groove to great music, especially at the Christmas dance!

December Dance-16

Jack was our “Dancing for Dollars” winner, and Brenda won a CD of nostalgic Christmas tunes in our “Secret Samba!”

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“As Seen on Fox5 Atlanta TV News!”

The holidays were ushered in with November’s very special “Toys for Tots” dance.  We made the airwaves with Fox5 TV filming our fantastic Marine Corporals and American Legion Color Guard presentation to accept our donated toys.

November Dance-11

The Laigh Langley Band crooned and crescendoed favorite tunes for our members.

November Dance-1

Fox5 Atlanta TV News filmed our “Toys for Tots” special event presentation, and aired the segment that same night!

November Dance-13

The American Legion 5th District Color Guard started off our Toys for Tots presentation with great fanfare provided by our Band.

November Dance-12

Two Marine Corporals graciously accepted our donated toys while being filmed by Fox5 Atlanta TV News.

Toys for Tots Certificate

A “Certificate of Appreciation” from the United States Marine Corps Reserve for our donation of two large boxes full of toys to the “Toys for Tots” campaign.

November Dance-15

Our cherished members, bombardier WWII war hero Bill and his lovely wife, Joan, danced the ceremonial “first dance” on this special evening, foxtrotting to “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

November Dance-16

The remaining veterans and members of our Foxtrotters Dance Club joined Joan and Bill on the dance floor.

November Dance-7

Our Foxtrotter, Fran, won the cash with great delight in our “Dancing for Dollars” prize drawing.  She graciously donated her prize to the Toys for Tots Drive.

November Dance-4

Our Foxtrotters eagerly took the dance floor and promenaded with great flair and panache!

November Dance-9

Beulah and Jack showed everyone how to spiral turn to the tunes!

November Dance-3

Our Foxtrotters were clearly ready to party and dance the night away!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


 It was a “Frightfully Fun Halloween” dance that jump-started the last quarter of 2013.  The Junction Band “trick-or-treated” us with their melodies, as FOXTROTTERS masqueraded across the dance floor in costumed style.

October Dance-11

Our October “hair-raising Halloween” dance floor was crowded with festive, costumed ballroom dancers!

October Dance-7

Our Co-President, Barbara, gets the “Trooper of the Year” Award, attending the dance with a “spine chilling” broken ankle!!

October Dance-12

The Foxtrotters Dance Club is a “magical” place to socialize and enjoy wonderful Big Band Era music!

October Dance-2

Foxtrotters Priscilla and Andrew “wickedly cut a rug!”

October Dance-9

Masked woman, Carolyn, had the honor of a dance with Jack, our Club’s Co-President.

October Dance-3

Evelyn & Dave “carved out” their space on the dance floor with a “spirited” jitterbug!

October Dance-6

Our Foxtrotters outdid themselves with great costumes, like “Dr. No” along with several “ghoulishly gorgeous witches!”

October Dance-5

Pat & Jim celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary in “bewitching” style!

October Dance-1

Eleanor & Arnold showed everyone their “devilish” dance skills!!

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The Fall season was ushered in by a bevy of beauties donning their gorgeous “Hats, Hats, Hats” escorted by their equally handsome dates in their chapeaus.  The week of our September dance was “National Ballroom Dance Week,” and we celebrated it in style.  Our dancers sashayed to the music of the Elderly Brothers, who crooned some terrific oldies.

September Dance-5

FOXTROTTERS Co-Presidents, Barbara and her dapper husband, Jack, set the tone for this month’s dance wearing their fabulous chapeaus!

September Dance-4

Posing in her lovely bonnet for our “Hat themed” dance is Fran and her husband, Jim.

September Dance-6

Waltzing across the ballroom were Bobbie and Doyle, along with many of our FOXTROTTERS Dance party goers.

September Dance-1

Beulah and Jack showed off their moves to the music!

September Dance-7

Our dancers were in full swing with Betty and Lee leading our FOXTROTTERS on the dance floor.